Daffodil bulb planting

On Sunday 14th November, local residents planted 350 daffodil bulbs (three varieties) in the wildflower patch of Cheney Row Park. These will provide a splash of uplifting colour through the winter of 2022 and into early spring. They will bring interest not only to residents but also pollinating insects.

Volunteers also tidied up the wildflower patch area with litter picking, seed sowing and sign repair. We also had time for some bramble hacking. That turned out to be the firm favourite activity of the day! It was actually hard to get anybody to stop for tea and well-earned biscuits.

A big thank you to Walthamstow Tool Library and CleanupUK for tools and equipment, The Conservation Volunteers for ongoing support and to London Borough of Waltham Forest for the bulb giveaway.