Tree Planting Aftercare – Spring 2021

467 new trees were planted in the park, two years ago. Planting trees is a great thing to do… but they also really need aftercare! Hence our spring 2021 ‘tree planting aftercare project’. This took place on three Sundays in April, May and June.
There’s been a lot of rain and a lot of sunshine this spring, and the plants have loved it.  The ‘weeds’ in the enclosed area had grown taller than the trees and in many places were inhibiting branch growth. We love the biodiversity in this enclosed space but also want to give the trees their best chance to thrive in these important early years.  We want the growing thicket to have the best access to the nutrients and water in the soil, while each tree is still developing its root network. 
Local residents convened to chatter away and get to know each other, whilst carefully weeding a 1m diameter around each tree.  We paid special attention to brambles, nettles, thistles and bind weed
In the enclosure, we have young hawthorn, blackthorn, ash, hazelnut, birch and oak.  Plus a cherry tree which seems to have joined us!  In the playground area we have silver birch, paperbark maple, Pandora cherry and pine.
Please note: all FoCRP activities adhere to ‘guidelines for volunteering in parks’ during the pandemic.