Tree Planting and Tree Weeding in Cheney Row Park

Tree planting & tree weeding

Last year Cheney Row Open Space was transformed from an area “notorious for dog fouling, fly-tipping and anti-social behaviour” into the borough’s newest park. It now contains wildflower meadow patches, a viewing platform towards Walthamstow Wetlands, an outdoor performance area and a nature-themed play-area for children.

468 trees were also planted. Sixty-eight of these were mature silver birch or pine trees but four hundred young whips were placed in a protective enclosure, towards the back of the park.

These trees now need our help. The weeds have grown as tall and as wide as the tree trunks and are taking over the plot. In the future, once the trees are more established, it will be great to have a diversity of flora in the area but at the moment the focus is the vitality of the trees.

Cheney Row Park E17 tree planting
Young whips planted in spring 2019
Cheney Row Park E17 tree planting
New tree enclosure next to the wildlife and nature areas at the back of Cheney Row Park
Dec 2019 – Young tree whips surrounded by weeds.
Jan 2020 – Volunteers weeding and creating mulch piles
Jan 2020 – A third of the area has now been weeded, more to do next month.
Time for a cup of tea.