Landscape Drawing Events

I hope we have all been enjoying the weather, During this summer we have been hosting some landscape drawing events and much to my surprise, I believe we have some real talent amongst our mists.

Our first event in June I was a bit worried no one was going to turn up. The wind was blowing and it looked like it was going to rain, that’s not good when you are about to draw the landscape. The clouds settled and the wind dropped down. There was a ray of sunshine “hooray” then the attendees started to arrive.

Our in house artwork instructor Jason Dempsey jumped into action. It was like seeing a schoolboy in a candy shop, who was told he can eat as much as he could possibly eat. After about an hour I really started to see the drawings come to life. I even had an attempt of constructing the landscape with my nonexistent drawing skills, but I think I need some one to one sessions with Jason Dempsey “hey Jason help me!”

We also did another session in July, we introduced some cutout shapes, which i think works well with abstract drawings. Hopefully everyone enjoyed them self’s i know i did, that must of been the hot refreshments thanks to Abi and her brilliant Kelly kettle.

We plan to do more of these types of events in the future weather permitted of course. I would like to also possibly introduce plasticine and oil paintings in the near distant future. Maybe also increase the class size to 10, so keep your eyes peeled and check those emails for potential updates. If you keep your eye’s peeled, you might just spot some of our in house artist Jason Dempsey’s work amongst the mist. Anyway, to the much-anticipated landscape drawing gallery.

Cheney Row’s Park Landscape Drawing Gallery